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About Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad largest city of Gujarat and sixth largest city of India was founded in the year AD 1411. With five million inhabitants it is now 600 years old. Formerly Ahmedabad was known as Manchester of India for its textile industries. Now it has everything in it’s cap. It is education hub, employment hub, industry hub, tourist hub and opportunity hub for everyone across the globe.

Ahmedabad is connected with any part of India by the excellent road network, railway system and the air linking make Ahmedabad a popular living destination of western India. Ahmedabad is gearing up for some landmark projects which will be unique of it’s kind. Sabarmati riverfront project is first of its kind in Asia.

Ahmedabad has everything peace, education, industry, health, prosoperity, employment which leads to most preffered location to live in India.

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